Criminal Litigation


RC Ishmail Attorneys handles all aspects of Criminal Litigation.

After hours bail if possible for the alleged offence committed.Unopposed, opposed and bail applications on new facts. Trial in District,Regional and High Court and all ancillary applications and matters related thereto. All appeals related to the above matters



Civil Litigation


Issuing and defending all summonses for businesses and private individuals. Opposed and unopposed motions.



Labour Law


Drafting Employment contracts, chairing disciplinary hearings, assistance with dismissals based on operational requirements and business takeovers.


Representing employers and employees for all matters in the CCMA and Bargaining Councils where legal representation is allowed. Assisting with all Labour-related negotiations. Where matters are to be heard in the Labour Court RC Ishmail Attorneys shall use a correspondent where necessary.



Wills and Administration of Estates

Drafting of wills and the administration of Deceased Estates. It is not advisable to use a generic form to convey your final wishes, have it done by a professional to ensure certainty after your passing.


General Advice/Legal Opinion

RC Ishmail Attorneys can provide legal advice and/or a researched legal opinion in any of the above fields to allow you to make an informed decision on the legal steps you wish to pursue

Commercial Law

Drafting of contracts, analysing and assessing contracts and advising on risks related to same. Assisting in the drafting of business plans. Negotiating deadlines and contractual clauses before contracts are signed.

Drafting Contracts

Some of the contracts we do : 

Antenuptial contracts, lease contracts, acknowledgment of debt, contracts of sale, non-disclosure agreements, waiver of liability contracts, employment contracts.



Lease/Rental Law

Drafting contracts, analysing and advising on contracts, assisting where a party has breached the contract, evictions, negotiating all aspects related to leasing on behalf of lessor and lessee.

 Notarial Practice

Drafting and registering antenuptial and postnuptial contracts, notarial bonds, notarial lease agreements, deeds of servitude, trust deeds and all other notary functions.

Family Law

Issuing and defending divorce summons in Regional and High Court. Antenuptial Contracts and all Maintenance related matters.

Claims against Organs of State

RC Ishmail Attorneys can assist with claims against organs of state e.g unlawful arrest, losses or damage caused due to the negligence of state/municipal departments etc.

Supreme Court of Appeal

We are available to act as correspondents in SCA matters and are well acquainted with the practice directives and work regularly with the SCA staff.

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